Oleksandr (a.k.a. @alexcleac) Nesterenko

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Hello, and welcome to my small personal website. My name is Oleksandr (occasionally people refer to me as Alex), I am a Polish Ukrainian (and the other way around), who is interested in and invested most of his life into computers and interaction with those.

This website was created to have a tiny place on the huge Internet, where I can express things I am interested in and (a bit) show off things I'm tinkering with. I enjoy quite a bit of things, which includes my small family computers (duh), books, widely unknown music, coffee, games from 2010-th and philosophy.

I speak Ukrainian, English and Polish. Also, I know few phrases in German and currently am trying out Greek.

If you have any relation to moscovia, just follow the warship path. You are not welcome here. Слава Україні!

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