Olifant is a Mastodon client, targeted at elementaryOS users. It is developed with Vala and GTK.

This is a small web log that will contain news and changes about the project.

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11 August, 2020 - 0.2.1-beta6 submitted for review

Hello to everyone! I am here with some happier news on Olifant development. I've submitted a new version for review, mostly with bug fixes and improvements on support of pleroma instances. Here are things that were fixed:

Those may seem like small things, but they are very important for project to be nice for users. I hope you enjoy recent improvements.

Stay safe and tuned with the project!

03 August, 2020 - Pleroma and multi-account improvements

Hey guys! It's time for the next update on Olifant.

For last week, most of the work that was done on Olifant was aimed to improve multi-account and Pleroma support. While multi-account support is still under progress and needs lots of fixes, posts created on Pleroma will work a lot better: sometimes hashtags and profile clicks opened browser. It will no longer.

Regarding new features: there is nothing new to tell. Image displayment is in slow progress, and all other features are waiting for their time at the moment.

Thanks for being with me, please subscribe to RSS feed regarding news of the project and don't hesitate contributing project. You can see the repository by the link.

27 July, 2020 - First update

Some meta before actual update.

After job change, it took some effort for me not to abandon the project like it happened before. So, I think I can say that I am getting better with it. But, there was no regular informational updates about progress and things I am working on... until now.

End of meta.

So, let's head to the actual update. Last week I had a vacation, that didn't go that good I expected from it, so I couldn't do much on development side.

I have started thinking on how displaying images can be done inside Olifant itself without opening a browser, have made some first steps towards it.

Thanks for more help from @hanaral, the project have an icons slightly improved: the logo was slightly tweaked for details and empty data icon was drastically improved in visibility for both light and dark mode. Those changes will be available in next version of Olifant.

This is it for the first update. Stay tuned for any new updates on Olifant!